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Daily SuperBlitz 1h 30m 212
Hourly Blitz 57m 144
U2000 Classical 57m 64
Hourly Crazyhouse 57m 45
Hourly HyperBullet 27m 3
Daily Blitz 2h 0
Akobian 0+1 KotH Rated 1h 11
Huang 3+1 Atom Rated 1h 9
Szén 3+0 Rated 45m 4
Huang 4+2 3check Rated 30m 2
Teichmann ½+0 960 Rated 45m 1
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  1. Lichess Olympiad Metzge @duropo No problem, I will try to explain it. One entire round las…
  2. Edward or Emanuel Lasker free … NightFury Hi does anybody know some source where i can get Common sense in chess…
  3. Buggy Analysis in Study Mode V1chess Which browser and version? Which opening? Screenshot it. (Please …
  4. Buggy Analysis in Study Mode johnbartholomew2 Is it just me or does the computer analysis in study mode randomly jus…
  5. puzzle 2224 best move .. ajsimo black move Rxa6 white attak the queen Nf6 .. black Pinning the Knigh…
  6. Lichess Olympiad duropo @Metzge 20 minutes ago #6 I can't understand the following. "if …
  7. Lichess Olympiad Metzge @ya_boy_agent @duropo Yes, you are right. My score system had defe…
  8. Smothered mate droceretik My point was that , generally speaking, I can only do what my opponent…
  9. Lichess Philippine Chess Feder… duropo I guess there are not much Filipino players here ;-) So I am open f…
  10. Lichess Olympiad duropo @ya_boy_Agent That is a much better option ;-)
  11. Smothered mate kabacis Cooperation is always nice:) But take into account that "mating combin…
  12. Lichess Olympiad ya_boy_Agent @Metzge it would be more fair to take the mean due to the different nu…
  13. Lichess Olympiad duropo @Metzge Your scoring looks unfair to me. Try to read my sugges…
  14. Bug/feature - match won agains… DaanNoordenbos their rating is frozen so your rating wont be affected not a bug
  15. Bug/feature - match won agains… dumptyhumpty I just won this match - https://en.lichess.org/JKRVqmNi against a play…
  16. The pieces in the game moves t… DaanNoordenbos why do you want animation in the first place?
  17. Lichess Olympiad Metzge Hello dear Lichess community, I read through a few forum posts rece…
  18. The Gambiteer's Guild - A guid… kjf quiet some time ago i stumbled over Ian Simpson's with this name at …
  19. Pieces for chess.com and liche… Hedgehogs4Me Did you mean to link to your profile? The link you gave is for a chess…
  20. Endgame study to share blackzombie This study is really great. White combines the threat of hunting black…
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