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Hourly Blitz 56m 89
Hourly Classical 1h 56m 81
Hourly SuperBlitz 56m 73
Hourly Bullet 26m 0
Hourly Crazyhouse 26m 0
Jakovenko 5+0 Rated 1h 40m 9
Najer 3+2 Atom Rated 1h 40m 13
Hodges 0+1 KotH Rated 40m 2
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  1. Wrong PGN export GoldenRatha It seems that this bug has not been reported yet : When the Lichess…
  2. What's happening to my strengt… MackTheKnife I had a look through your recently lost Classical games, and you're si…
  3. Skype integration BitChess I think this is a good idea but skype is outdated, there are smarter s…
  4. Skype integration marinkatomb Hi Folks I have been thinking about doing some training online with…
  5. Lichess users using Fritz JacquesD @LarsenB And do you use sparring mode? Do you find it nice?
  6. Using VPN for reducing lag? YmJet_FI I was not having problems with lag, ping 750 ms, 750 ms server. maybe…
  7. What's happening to my strengt… Solal35 #4 I agree with you.
  8. What's happening to my strengt… pguardiario Anyone can beat a 2200 once. It doesn't make you a 2200.
  9. Puzzle 3068 is overly pedantic HeroicKatora In the puzzle in the title: http://de.lichess.org/training/3068 the …
  10. Advance Search RYTHORN Please fix the issue. I have many players to download it, so.
  11. Advance Search RYTHORN I cannot download PGN games at http://en.lichess.org/games/search I…
  12. Doubles Chess Suggestion Zugzwang69 Just wanted to tell you of a very old chess variant...circa 1858. Its …
  13. What's happening to my strengt… HumanDestroyer In your last game you have played the Italian instead of the Spanish. …
  14. Doubles Chess Suggestion egocrusher I think it would be a lot of fun to have a Doubles Chess variant, simi…
  15. If U have not seen this, check… rajma420 Guys look up TCEC season 9 and the first thing should say something li…
  16. What's happening to my strengt… noob2chess Send me an invite to a casual game I can give you some pointers. Make …
  17. Achja, unlucky game rajma420 It is 5+0 in the tournament
  18. What's happening to my strengt… MindOfCapsule I've been able to beat and tie a 2200 FIDE rating person OTB (most of …
  19. Ideas in creating chess variant duropo I plan on creating a chess variant (CV). While looking for existing va…
  20. Human vs Computer qweasdzxc88 Hey Hellrazer. For your own good don't take anything this guy purpose…
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