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  1. Upgrade of artificial intelligence rise_UIED not bad for a ... COMMUNIST WEBSITE !!!! <jk, jk, I'm just kidding!> :)
  2. Computer Analysis feature. Sollerman you can count on the evaluation being basically the same as the move b […]
  3. Computer Analysis feature. TrueGrit When requesting a computer analysis one is usually presented with seve […]
  4. Upgrade of artificial intelligence thibault Hi, I've just upgraded all stockfish nodes (82 instances!) to the v […]
  5. h file. motion More examples I have many of them […]
  6. opening training motion yes there is something lacking about the classification, there is alr […]
  7. opening training Dolg What I really would like to see is a sort of opening explorer where ev […]
  8. opening training motion I think that in general opening is the easiest part of the game at le […]
  9. opening training KingslayerSRB Interesting idea +1
  10. Puzzle Question DVRazor cxb7 keeps the opponent's queen on the board. Of course, it's winning. […]
  11. perfect game with great tactic DVRazor I understand your hype, but it's not that hard to see Ng5 idea, Ne6+ i […]
  12. perfect game with great tactic Souvik 21.Ng5!! is a grand master type mo […]
  13. Puzzle Question raphaelhythloday For this puzzle, shouldn't Bb5 […]
  14. opening training Buddy2 What is the basis of the opening training? Are they based on typical […]
  15. Game Import: Invalid PGN flugsio 4. Ba5 should be Ba4 (or maybe Bc4)
  16. Does the area under the graph […] EugeneJudo If you were to take the integral of the entire chart then you would ge […]
  17. Staying out of chess for a while KaiHiwatari Hey mates! I've had spent three months without playing a single gam […]
  18. King's Gambit motion thank u dioniysis thats the kind of problem question position i was l […]
  19. King's Gambit eatchipss great vid DG, i love how at the end andreikin smiles, which translates […]
  20. King's Gambit Dionysus_god I think you'd appreciate Nakamura's knight sac with the KG: https://ww […]
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