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Tolush 4+0 Atom Rated 45m 4
O'Kelly 2+0 Anti Rated 1h 3
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  1. "This is for idiots" Toutatis Why do people accept 0+1 and then, at 3 or 4-0 down suddenly write "th…
  2. Resign Confirmation Button RollBuckeyes It's HERE!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU LICHESS!!!. I've lost sooo…
  3. Games of the world chap u-20 i… Pichejo https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDbTFzDo7KSJ2zp4uPzrUvA
  4. Simults or bullet games in spa… Pichejo thank you thats the idea!
  5. How do I not play terribly? Dionysus_god There is no on or off switch to playing terrible or playing well. You …
  6. Skill Level Of Lichess Player … Neverness Hellball, Cool mate! =D
  7. How do I not play terribly? dragongirl101 don't play like me xD
  8. Skill Level Of Lichess Player … Hellball @#7 and #9, you're not really meant to compare them in the first place…
  9. Skill Level Of Lichess Player … Patchouli-Knowledge #8 Yeah, I don't mind having an inflated ELO in exchange for the site…
  10. Skill Level Of Lichess Player … Nocturnal420 @ #7: And yet in the end, you can do so much more here on Lichess than…
  11. Skill Level Of Lichess Player … Patchouli-Knowledge We've had this discussion before and someone did some study and their …
  12. Puzzle 11603, more than 1 best… DVRazor I remember this puzzle, it was already reported some time ago. It actu…
  13. Puzzle 11603, more than 1 best… newdeepblue http://tr.lichess.org/training/11603 After these moves Bxg7, Kxg…
  14. Messages Bug jposthuma Also note that the alert still does not go away by clicking the "x" bu…
  15. Messages Bug jposthuma Hi, this bug has happened to me a couple times now. When I receive a m…
  16. Skill Level Of Lichess Player … Hellball #3, I agree. I say this as a lichess mod who sometimes represents the …
  17. Skill Level Of Lichess Player … achja @Nocturnal420 Some time ago I got a membership gift for ICC from 2 …
  18. Skill Level Of Lichess Player … mateus6969 I've found that given the same rating, chess.com's blitz & bullet pool…
  19. Skill Level Of Lichess Player … rise_UIED I believe that percentage-wise, there are bad and good players in equa…
  20. Win rate bug flugsio fixed in next update, thx for reporting
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Lichess Summer Marathon Tournament

and a bonus sneak peek at the next major feature of lichess!

lichess mobile 2.0

This week we published a new, revamped lichess mobile application!

Improvements to Lichess - June edition

Developers had too much coffee during the last two weeks, and lichess took a big step forward.