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  1. Full screen mode could be nice :) Jaaaaaaaake I use full screen move just ctrl + scroll up to zoom in, and then do f […]
  2. Full screen mode could be nice :) Chess_Agent Seconded :) CA
  3. Why Lichess is not so good tha […] Emil121 The possibility to had a title to the created game could be great : […]
  4. UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE,2014/201 […] moi373737 1.Malmoe(SWE)-Atletico(ESP)-Group A =2 2.Juventus(ITA)-Olympiakos(GRE […]
  5. UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE,2014/201 […] giannistst12 1.Malmoe(SWE)-Atletico(ESP)-Group A =2 2.Juventus(ITA)-Olympiakos(GRE […]
  6. The magic of chess MrDimitar Brings back my own memories. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Why Lichess is not so good tha […] alleey Lichess rocks, but to be fair there is one thing I like about […]
  8. Full screen mode could be nice :) Gr4vity Full screen mode could be nice :) Thanks for all your work ;)
  9. Lichess gaussian (?) rating distribution TinchoVM Damn Gauss!, you nailed it again!
  10. Why Lichess is not so good tha […] Cezrun64 It is hard to register to if you dont have facebook or gmail […]
  11. Why Lichess is not so good tha […] jonc I think he is talking about inflation with standard ratings. I am sure […]
  12. I can't follow a player. Barahir Okay I see, the search bar didn't appear because we were on mobile, an […]
  13. I can't follow a player. OwenKraweki You can search for players by going Players -> Search. I don't know if […]
  14. I can't follow a player. Barahir I recently asked a friend to join the site, so he created an account a […]
  15. To close a team canabidiol teams created eternal teams
  16. Lichess gaussian (?) rating distribution Clarkey Without actually inspecting the data I can tell you that it's almost d […]
  17. "Blind" match altrove What do you think about giving the player the opportunity to create a […]
  18. Lichess gaussian (?) rating distribution altrove Hello lichess developers and users; I'd like to know what is the r […]
  19. A minor point mne__povezlo Thanks, Chess_Agent, I see your point now, too. I like the 30 seco […]
  20. A minor point FredPalakon "It happens to me from time to time, and although it's a minor issue, […]
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