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GomeZeta 1533
clifford 1504
Darkith 1133



shammies 1918
beema 1781
RLN1961 1730
Milann 1642
parametrZ 1602
ledorsky 1596
Zaraza 1406


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auto-pairing pools
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 Hourly Bullet 30m  2
 Hourly Blitz 50m  19
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  1. what is a chess variant ? allibek it seems here is the answer: […]
  2. Rating does not change Clarkey Just know that the Standard rating is getting pushed pretty far to the […]
  3. Rating does not change tuskerking lol, it is really confusing for many here
  4. My opinion of the new rating system. tuskerking i like new rainbow graphs. what is the problem ??
  5. King of the Hill tuskerking yes stockfish can be used for the analysis also in 3 check variant.
  6. Rating does not change panaman Okay, thanks for the information.
  7. "Most Improved" removed from /players cathoderaynoob <<<< that's the correct link
  8. "Most Improved" removed from /players cathoderaynoob used to have a category for "most improved." It wa […]
  9. LM Chess rating Clarkey Might be pertinent to come up with new definitions, yes.
  10. King of the Hill computer analysis Clarkey Whoa! I'm thoroughly impressed. I guess there's two ways that we ca […]
  11. Create game's filter doesn't work Clarkey It should be fixed now.
  12. LM Chess rating 1nate2nate Is the rating minimum for LM still going to be 2400 with the new ratin […]
  13. Material Chess Variant. c____ Yeah, hmm... The only issue I see is defining at what point the game e […]
  14. King of the Hill computer analysis Toadofsky OK, I've implemented KOTH support! I've tested some simple positions […]
  15. Adding an analysis mode option to games? c____ I think it would be great if there was a button you could click during […]
  16. No play / ignore list Rebse P.S. : that feature should be more prominent, only available via icon […]
  17. Downloading games Hellball Of course there is. :) Just click "Export game" in your profile. It […]
  18. No play / ignore list Rebse Nice to know, thanks for the hint !
  19. Downloading games moo Is there any way to bulk download games as pgns? It would be incredib […]
  20. No play / ignore list claymore You can do that, just click "block" on the player's page.
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