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  1. Correspondance Chess Clarkey Requests are now persistent, so you can leave the page and still get a pairing.
  2. Why do I have a trophy? andonuts Yeah, I think I was one of the first people who started playing a ridi […]
  3. Why do I have a trophy? Dionysus_god Oh, My apologies. Maybe it's a bug. Or maybe you really are in the […]
  4. Correspondance Chess andonuts I just hope that the requests don't stay up indefinitely. Like spam much?
  5. Correspondance Chess sakkozik Oh, I see that the correspondence list is implemented now. Well done!
  6. Why do I have a trophy? andonuts #5, No, I see a top-10 trophy on my page. Bug perhaps then?
  7. Why do I have a trophy? andonuts That would make sense. Pity the rating deviation isn't actually shown […]
  8. Why do I have a trophy? Dionysus_god Cause you have a top 100 correspondence rating. Once more people pl […]
  9. Why do I have a trophy? LM Lightsss I'd guess you need to have your RD under a certain number in order for […]
  10. Why do I have a trophy? andonuts Well, that's pretty odd then. Why the heck do I have a trophy?
  11. Is there a maximum number of o […] andonuts I really like the new interface, but since you can have multiple open […]
  12. Why do I have a trophy? Dionysus_god No, trophies disappear when your rating goes down.
  13. Why do I have a trophy? andonuts I recently played a correspondence game with another player who had a […]
  14. My shortest game KasparovRod Wow, I'm really impressed. I can't believe I was able to win in 7 move […]
  15. diagram LM Lightsss What about the refresh button? :( I might be the only really weird […]
  16. diagram Clarkey Graph button, top left of the list.
  17. Playing both sides on a free board? KingDeathGR You can also do it with 2 tabs, but is not so good.
  18. Private chat real-time KingDeathGR Group chat is horrible, but private is a must !!
  19. diagram kingofblunder hey where's the diagram view? that was so useful to easily find player […]
  20. Overcoming a losing streak KasparovRod Thanks, guys!
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